Dr Mirosa is the Director for the Consumer Food Science Programme and a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Food Science, University of Otago. In 2015, Dr Mirosa led a grant for developing NZ/China collaborations in food safety and security science. As Principle Investigator, she led a team of 13 NZ scientists from 7 different institutes to China to partake in a conference and industry visits. Dr Mirosa currently holds a NZ/China Postharvest Loss and Food Waste Research Fellowship, funded by the NZ Ministry for Primary Industries – a programme aiming to enhance business-research-government partnerships through commercially meaningful research, complement joint research programmes under the China-NZ Food Safety and Security Science Roadmap, and support the APEC Food Security and Free Trade Area Asia Pacific work. In addition to her work with the Centre in the area of consumers’ risk perceptions and risk communication, much of Dr Mirosa’s ‘consumer insights/marketing’ research focusses on food waste hotspots, aims to understand reasons for wasteful practices, and provides recommendations on minimisation. Dr Mirosa is regularly asked to provide policy advice and consultancies (and was the NZ delegate at the 2015 APEC Food Security Workshop, China). In 2016, Miranda was invited to join the APEC project ‘Strengthening Public-Private Partnership to Reduce Food Losses’. Her research expertise has been sought by organisations in civil society who are committed to reducing food waste (for example she sits on the Technical Working Group for the NZ National Food Waste Prevention Project). In addition to food waste, she is a also currently a funded researcher in the NZ National Science Challenge - High Value Nutrition (Stage 2 Proposal, Funded 2016 to 2021–Consumer perceptions of functional foods).

Her research profile is built on publications in the world’s leading consumer food, sustainability and nutrition journals including: ‘Appetite’, ‘J of Food Quality Preference’, ‘J of Nutrition and Dietetics’, ‘J of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’, ‘J of Environmental Policy & Planning’ and ‘British Food J’. Dr Mirosa serves as an Editorial Board Member for ‘J of Food Ethics’ and ‘Beverages’. Funding from 22 separate competitive research grants and consultancies highlights recognition of her research.

Dr Mirosa is particularly interested in relationship building with researchers who have expertise in Asian consumer insights, in marketing, in food and beverage supply chain management and in running consumer data collection studies. Key areas of focus are food waste and food sustainability, food safety (consumers’ risk perceptions and risk communication), perceptions of health/wellness and functional foods