Dr Denise M Conroy is a senior lecturer in the department of Marketing at the University of Auckland Business School.  Denise is a consumer behaviourist whose research focus is the consumption of food and beverages – with a particular focus on consumers in Asia.  Denise is a member of the National Science Challenge – High Value Nutrition – specifically sitting on the consumer insights panel, where the focus is on China and Chinese consumers’ preferences for New Zealand food and beverage products.  Denise is also on the management committee of the University’s Food and Health programme which encourages collaborations in the broad area of food and beverage research.  Seed funding from this programme has enabled research into the Chinese consumers’ appetite for lower alcohol NZ wines; whilst membership of the Asia Institute has resulted in research with consumers of organic produce in South Korea. Denise always takes a strong consumer-centric focus and works closely with colleagues within Asian countries to ensure that she captures the cultural values and drivers of attitudes, emotions and behaviours within the food consumption area.