Professor Blair has developed three strong collaborations with Chinese colleagues over the last decade.  In 2005, Massey University signed a Tripartite agreement with Peking and Shihezi Universities.  Since 2007, Professor Blair has completed a number of joint sheep research projects funded by Chinese research agencies with Professors Jianfeng Gao and Zongsheng Zhao from Shihezi University.  During the establishment of this fruitful relationship, a further connection was made to Professor Runlin Ma at the Chinese Academy of Science who is an alumnus of Shihezi University.  In the last 5 years, Professor Ma has become the lead researcher for the Chinese Academy of Science for the rapidly growing intensive indoor sheep farming sector.  Professor Blair has visited several intensive indoor sheep operations with Professor Ma and a number of research projects have been planned.  At a joint Massey University – Chinese Academy of Science 2011 Workshop held in Beijing Professor Blair met Professor Mingjun Liu from the Xinjiang Academy of Animal Science.  Once again, several sheep research projects have eventuated, including a stocktake of local Xinjiang genetic resources.  Through these enduring relationships, Professor Blair and his collaborators are contributing to food security in China through increased animal productivity while being cognisant of environmental and sustainability matters.