PhD in Plant Protein Structural Biochemistry
BsC in Chemical Engineering
Research interests & activities
Science interests: structural and physical biochemistry of bio-macromolecules (dairy and cereal proteins, lipids and polysaccharides); emulsion interfacial colloid and surface chemistry and colloidal stability; molecular basis of ingredient functionality, effects of processing on the rheological and chemical properties of food materials; and food structures to control digestion and nutrient transport.
Working with Agri-food industry to bridge the gap between fundamental science discovery and commercial applications: linking on-farm dairy managment and animal nutrition with milk quality, off-farm processing effeciency and dairy product innovation; salt and sugar reduction in cereal based foods; plant cell wall particle size reduction to redcue waste and value adding to food products.
Career Highlights
Visiting Scholar, HIT China
EU Marie Curie Fellowship, UK
Walter Bushuk Award, AACCi, USA