Dr Karyne Rogers is a senior Environmental Scientist at the National Isotope Centre at GNS Science in New Zealand.  Her multidisciplinary research interests include applications of stable isotopes, environmental tracers and contaminant studies, isotope biogeochemistry, freshwater, marine and terrestrial ecosystem processes, geochemistry, AI and food traceability and origin studies. She has also worked extensively in science communication working with communities, industries, local authorities and schools to raise science literacy. She currently works part-time as an Honorary Professor based at Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Science (ZAAS) in Hangzhou, China and is part of the Key Laboratory of Information Traceability for Agricultural Products (MARA) team working on the geographical origin and authentication of high-value products in New Zealand and China, specifically to address food safety and fraud.
Dr Rogers runs nationally, and internationally funded research programs based around elemental and isotopic tracers in soils and groundwater, and their transfer into the food chain