Over the years, for the current impact on the basic research on food processing safety and critical control technology, Prof. Yao devotes to developing technologies to detect food safety with low-cost and high-throughput; relating to food packaging pollutants, banned food additives, food additives and other substances, Prof. Yao committed herself to building surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) detection technology, meanwhile, Prof. Yao dedicated her life to studying linkage detection technologies to combine multiple indicators such as sample pretreatment, detection methods, equipment, components and reagents with food safety. Besides, Prof. Yao studies the food safety control technologies combining biological control methods with chemical prevention and control methods which are based on food processing technologies which can applied toreduce the harm to human body resulted from biotoxin and food packaging pollutants. Futhermore, the current development of food safety SERS detection technologies are at the top of the world, and the biological toxin control techniques are characterized with Chinese tradition, obviously.
For her outstanding achievements, Prof. Yao was awards several times: 1) one the 2nd prize for the Science and Technology Progress; 2) three the 2nd provincial prizes; 3) two the 3rd provincial prizes and 11 invention patents (one for U.S. Patent). Prof. Yao has published more than 160 articles(SCI 60) in the international journals; completed presiding over 7 the national Science and technology support programs, 2 in research and 3 provincial projects, moreover, there were more than 10 scientific projects have achieved industrialization.