Dr. Xianming Shi is a professor and Chair in Department of Food Science and Technology at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He obtained his B. S. and M. S. degree in Microbiology in August 1982 and June 1988 at Huazhong Agricultural University, and his Ph. D. degree in Biotechnology in March 1998 at the University of Hong Kong. He was a visiting scholar at the University of Washington (Seattle) during October 1993-October 1994, a visiting professor at Cornell University during January-August 2003, a visiting professor in the Eastern Regional Research Center, USDA during July-August 2007, and a visiting professor at Rutgers University during January-August 2014.

Prof. Shi has or had the following academic titles: Fellow of the International Academy of Food Science and Technology (IAFoST) (2016-), Director of MOST-USDA Joint Research Center for Food Safety (2008-), Vice President of Chinese Association for Food Protection (2014-), Ambassador for China in Global Harmonization Initiative (2012-), Fellow of National Committee for Academic Degrees in Food Science and Technology (2003-2011), Fellow of National Committee for Teaching Supervision in Food Science and Technology (2003-), Fellow of Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology (2001-) and Vice President of Chinese Sub-Association for Food Safety and Standard Technology (2012-). Moreover, he is an editorial board member for 1 English and 5 Chinese journals.

The research interest of Prof. Shi is microbiological food safety. He conducts basic and applied research in molecular ecology and the development of rapid detection methods for foodborne bacterial pathogens. Work in progress focuses on the establishment of database for molecular targets mining and risk assessment of foodborne pathogens, development of molecular detection and genotyping methods for foodborne pathogens, functional analysis of some genes in foodborne pathogens, and characterization on the stress resistance mechanism on Salmonella. He has published 196 scientific journal articles since 1997 when he obtained a full professor position, including 103 articles in Chinese and 93 SCIE articles in English, of which he was as the first or corresponding author for 71 SCIE articles. One article published in Applied and Environmental Microbiology in 2011 was cited 198 times (2015) by others and was selected as Journal Highlights by American Society for Microbiology. Another was published in Trends in Food Science & Technology in 2009 with a citation time of 148 (2015). In addition, 13 patents have been approved as the first inventor.

As a result of his contributions, Prof. Shi has been awarded as: “Certified Food Scientist” by the International Food Science Certification Commission in 2013, the Cover Character of Journal of Scientific Chinese in 2011, “The Top Ten Best Supervisors” at Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2010, “Advanced Scientist for Earthquake Relief Work” by China Association of Science and Technology in 2008, the leading scientist of Shanghai municipality in 2007, “Quarter Century Fellow” of the international workshop on rapid methods and automation in Microbiology in Kansas, USA in August 2003.

An Introduction to MOST-USDA Joint Research Center for Food Safety

On 12 May 2008, USDA-ARS and Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), signed the collaboration agreement titled “Food Safety Cooperative Research Activities” supported under the Protocol on Cooperation in Agriculture Science and Technology between The Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) of The People’s Republic of China and The Department of Agriculture of the United States of America (USDA), and established “MOST-USDA Joint Research Center for Food Safety”, in which Prof. Xianming Shi was named the Director at China side. The collaboration agreement was renewed on 3 September 2015 to continue the activity under the China-US Joint Research Center for Food Safety between USDA-ARS and SJTU. This joint center includes many national and international leading scientists and engineers in food science solving problems facing the today and for tomorrow of USA and China with fundamental, applied, and developmental research on food safety. Previous collaborations have been focused on the development of molecular detection methods and control principals for foodborne pathogens, which are the most important issue in the international food trade. The joint efforts of the two sides were very productive and resulted in 22 peer-reviewed publications and several patents. Furthermore, the successfully developed multiplex qPCR assays for multiple pathogen detection have been adopted by the scientists in FDA on validating these methods in FDA-regulated foods, which will move toward the acceptance of the assays by US federal regulatory agencies. In addition, the two sides exchanged more than 30 scientists and graduate students, and jointly organized annual meetings and several international forums to improve food safety control and assurance systems in both of USA and China, particularly for World Expo 2010 Shanghai and Olympic Games 2008 Beijing. As a result, the USDA spoke highly of this joint research center and regarded it as a model for international collaborations on science and technology in USDA.